Meet the Student Alumni Ambassadors!

"As Student Alumni Ambassadors we have the privilege to become active members of the Daemen community. Through helping with events, we realize the importance of alumni support, including the generosity of many who have helped Daemen to become a thriving academic center. We're thankful to the ambassador program for helping us further develop our leadership skills."  -Sarah Beth Pilch, '09, '11 Former Chief Student Alumni Ambassador

Chief Alumni Ambassador
Telena Smith

Events Officer
Emily Kreutter​

Correspondence Officer
Madalyn Bufalino​​

Fundraising Officer
Natalie Menz​​​

Leadership Development Chair
Tysai Washington​

Jenna Diliberta
Anna Fisher 
Jennifer Heritz​​
Amanda Klubek
Jenna Sieracki
Taylor Sinclair
Renata Simera
Hannah Weaver

Ambassador Contact:
Twitter: @daemensaa
Instagram: @daemensaa
Facebook: Daemen College Student Alumni Ambassadors